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The Get Focused…Stay Focused! ™ Initiative initially developed through Santa Barbara City College’s dual enrollment department, is a scalable, cost-efficient program that promotes high school graduation, post-secondary completion and successful entry into the workforce.

A Get Focused…Stay Focused!™ Initiative (GFSF) starts with a semester or year-long freshman transition course based on the Freshmen Transition standards of the George Washington University. This standards-based, comprehensive guidance course, helps students become identity achieved and career committed.

The freshman course culminates with the development of an online, skills based, 10-year career and education plan that is updated throughout high school and used by advisors for counseling and instructors for academic coaching. This important data is portable so students can easily share it with their counselors and instructors at their post-secondary institution.

During the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade, using the hybrid GFSF Follow-up Modules, students update their online 10-year career and education plan as they:

Expand their career and education options
Learn the process for selecting and applying to post-secondary education
Create a Skills-based Education Plan

Upon completion of the freshman semester course along with the three follow-up modules, students have identified and will graduate with:

A carefully-considered career path
An informed major or program of study
A post-secondary institution or training program that not only matches their career and life goals but is affordable
A unique Skills-based Education Plan that facilitates successful entry into a highly competitive workforce upon completion of their education.

Flipping the College Decision

Get Focused Stay Focused: Helping students flip the college decision making paradigm.


Linked Learning is a proven approach to education that integrates core academics with career-technical education, work-based learning, and personal supports to help students stay on track. Research suggests that Linked Learning graduates are better prepared for postsecondary success and entry into the modern workforce. Linked Learning aims to ensure that more students, particularly at-risk students, will benefit from the Linked Learning approach, ultimately earning a college degree and/or industry credential, and enter financially sustaining and relevant careers.

Linked Learning Certification and Analytics are custom solutions for any school that provides a college and career preparation program. Linked Learning Certification helps you improve your pathway over time, unlocks benefits for your students, and gives you the recognition you deserve. Linked Learning Analytics delivers insights through academic, CTE, and work-based learning data and services. Together these platforms that reveal the impact of your career pathway programs and empower you to drive quality improvements across your network.

How is Linked Learning preparing students?




MyBestBets is a unique web and mobile application developed by Jobs for the Future and YouthBuild USA. The platform supports low-income young adults by guiding them to the right choices when it comes to postsecondary education and training pathways—choices that will lead to high-demand and high-growth careers.

By using MyBestBets, young people are able to:
Identify their interests, talents, and aspirations
Utilize sophisticated and visually dynamic data sets to investigate potential careers
Organize and track progress towards their postsecondary goals
Stay connected to staff and career coaches that care
Develop skills and social capital through real-world experiences
Take ownership of and actively shape their own Best Bet education and career pathways

MyBestBets is cutting edge and practical, both in combining and presenting regional labor market data, as well as national and highly localized postsecondary program information, in highly engaging ways and in supporting a blended learning approach that deepens young adults’ relationships with their advisors or counselors. MyBestBets will support professionals who are responsible for providing the support and guidance that we know these young people must have in order to succeed.


Roadtrip Nation creates self-discovery resources to help individuals explore their interests and build fulfilling livelihoods around what they love.

Through popular books, a long-running documentary TV series, online tools, and a project-based educational curriculum, Roadtrip Nation empowers individuals to identify their interests, explore the stories of real-world professionals, and discover pathways aligned with their unique ambitions and skills


RTN has video and educational content to guide students on a journey of self discovery toward their futures.


Designing a STEAM Fair

Hosting a STEAM Fair provides students hands-on opportunities to problem solve, create, and have fun while learning the basics of design thinking.

KIDmob is a mobile, kid-integrated design firm. A not-for-profit organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area, KidMob believes design education is an opportunity for creative engagement and community empowerment within the United States and around the world.

KIDmob workshops use the design process as a beginning curriculum framework on which to build a customized local project brief, based on a partner-identified need. The workshops facilitate partners in devising imaginative solutions for their community, by their community. The goal is to foster local stewardship through project-based learning.

In keeping with emerging practices for STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) KIDmob promotes an energetic, hands-on approach to learning – an immersive environment of moving, shaking, sketching, whirling, splatting, slicing, sawing, jitterbugging creativity. Students are given the opportunity to explore all kinds of technologies, from pencils to circuitry mills, as tools for creative expression.

Additional CA Resources


California CareerZone is a proven, successful career exploration and planning system designed especially for students. Jobseekers, educators, and counselors will also benefit from the wealth of information on 900 occupations from the Occupational Information Network (O*Net) database.

California CareerZone has been developed among the California Career Resource Network (CalCRN), the California Department of Education (CDE), and the Employment Development Department’s Labor Market Information Division.


The California Career Resource Network (CalCRN) program in the California Department of Education, provides career development information and resources to support development of the critical career self-management skills necessary for success in today’s world of work.

CalCRN develops and distributes no-cost, high quality career information resources that are available to educators, students, parents/guardians, career practitioners, and job-seekers across California.


In collaboration with the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and Young Invincibles, the Foundation for California Community Colleges has created the Here to Career mobile application targeted to low-income students and families.

The app provides access to information about California Community College education opportunities and awareness of careers that can increase earning potential and provide improved economic prosperity for the entire family.


CCC MyPath is designed to help students clarify their educational goals, and to reduce stress at crowded institutions by helping them to research and make educated decisions for themselves in a self-serve, portal environment.

The long-term aim is to provide a fully connected suite of student services apps, with CCC MyPath as the central component linking them together. Apps will include universal items like financial aid and transfer requirements, to student-specific topics like child-care and veterans’ services.