High School and College Students

The New World of Work program offers free resources for high school and college learners across the country, as well as internationally. Students can benefit from work based learning opportunities coupled with 21st Century Skills education to help prepare them for employment in the global economy.

At our partner high schools and colleges, the skills lessons are embedded across courses and disciplines in both CTE and GE studies ranging from sociology, biotechnology, health sciences, business, and more.

Some of our showcase programs include:
Feather River College's pilot program with SamaSchool to bring virtual micro-work training to rural and low income communities allowing students to become online independent contract workers.
Collaboration with the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) through the White House Tech Hire initiative to provide 21st Century Skills guidance for students entering the IT workforce.
Use of New World of Work's 21st Century Skills curriculum and digital badges in Maker Spaces across the California Community Colleges system to help reinforce essential "maker" skills like entrepreneurial mindset and design thinking.

Showcase Partnership: SamaSchool

Digital skills training for rural and low income students to become online independent contractors.


Succession Planning for Workforce Development

Providing opportunities for adult learners to earn academic credit while integrating back into the workforce.

Based on updates to State and Federal regulations on the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) adult education programs are encouraged to partner with their local workforce development boards.

These partnerships can provide skills based employment training to adult learners, which includes the essential 21st Century Skills.

Skills programs can be adapted to the needs of urban as well as rural environments.

Apprenticeship programs as well as alternative models such as Succession Planning can utilize our 21st Century Skills lessons. Download our Succession Planning guidance documents and preview an example program in action.

Contact us for guidance on incorporating 21st Century Skills lessons into your adult education programs.

Incarcerated, Formally Incarcerated, & Alternative Sentencing

New World of Work’s 21st Century Skills lessons can be incorporated into coursework and workshops within prison education and re-entry settings. The goal of this skills training is to help prepare individuals for reintegration into society and the workforce, and to reduce levels of recidivism.

Showcase Story:

Incarcerated as a younger man for having “gotten into a lot of trouble,” Adrian Luna describes how difficult it was to find a good job after he got out of prison because no one would “hire a felon.” Although he found a low-skilled job, he decided to try out community college and enrolled in a fabrication course in the autotechnology program at Hartnell College. With skills he learned from the New World of Work curriculum there, he did well in a job interview and, to his surprise, was hired. NWOW, he explains, made all the difference and “changed my life.” The class taught him how to “deal with my past and changed my ability to speak to people without second-guessing myself.” Ultimately, Adrain plans on going back to school for his Bachelor’s or even his Master’s. He credits his professional success to the 21st century skills class: “The whole class happened for a reason.”

Contact us if you would like to learn more about integrating 21st Century Skills into prison education.

The Power of Education After Incarceration

Adrian Luna describes the "second chance" Hartnell College provided through skills based education.


The Employability Skills Program can be used as professional development for incoming and existing workers. With massive shifts in both private and public sector jobs, workers across industries will need a core set of skills that are transferable. This is true for large companies, small businesses, entrepreneurs, independent/ freelance workers, and organizations dedicated to creating a positive and inclusive workplace culture.

20th vs. 21st Century:
Rise of the Freelance Workforce

The global, digital economy has created massive shifts in workplaces and the way we seek employment.

Example Showcase:

In California, close to half of the state employee workforce is eligible for retirement within the next three years. With so many upcoming positions that need to be filled, Governor Jerry Brown’s Civil Service Improvements (CSI) initiative was created to “ensure the state has a strong and nimble civil service system.”

The CSI project team was tasked with identifying and recommending the State of California’s adoption of a foundational set of competencies, or core skills, that would apply to all of the state’s workforce both existing and incoming.

Through the CSI project, New World of Work’s “Top 10” 21st Century Skills curriculum was reviewed and determined to be the primary model of reference as CalHR created new skills guidelines for all state workers. Check out the list of competencies that correlate with our New World of Work skills here.